48 Hour Film Festival Reflection

The 48 Hour Film Festival which I participated in was stressful. While I was lucky enough to have a good group of experienced and cooperative people that knew a little something-something about editing and shooting we still ran into a couple problems. Mostly technical errors and time managing. In a 48-hour time period it sounds like a lot of time for a two-minute film but in reality editing is super time consuming and if anything backfires you could be at square one again which is sort of what happened to us.

On the second day of filming my group discovered that all the footage on one of the cameras wouldn’t upload properly so we had to shot all of it again. While a small group of them set out, I suggested we take the camera to tech support to see if we couldn’t find a way to retrieve it. That brings us to our first transferable skill between filming and journalism. In journalism, it’s important to be a problem solver and a multi-tasker. As a journalist, you might be working on several different stories at once and if one thing doesn’t work out you need to find a way to make it work; For example, you can’t meet up to do an interview with an expert? Do a phone interview or Skype.

The tech guy (I didn’t catch his name but the Dean was bitter he had a new college issued cellphone?) showed me how to download the footage properly saving my group hours of shooting and I also got my head ripped off for how the camera bag was packed. Note for anyone in the future taking a camera bag into the lend office for help/returning, make sure to pack it properly yourself. She doesn’t care if you didn’t do it, your still to blame. Anyway, I went back to my group and explained how to download it properly which brings us to the skills of adaptability and listening. I am not a tech/talky person. Never have been, never will be but in that moment of time I needed to be for the good of my group. While I didn’t have much of a clue as to what I was saying or why this way worked and not the other I had listened careful to nameless tech guy and was able to repeat and show them what he taught me. In journalism there are going to be times I need to adapt to situations (example new technology or needing to be talkative) like I did during the film festival and obviously listening to people. While most people might miss the detail on how they worded a sentence it’s important for a journalist to be listening and remembering that for their story.

During the editing, I was basically useless. As I have previously stated, I am not a tech person. But I tried my best to be helpful anyway I could. I ended up teaching myself how to make rolling credits and titles in Preimer. Not exactly a key point in editing but it meant someone else who actually knew how to do editing didn’t have to waste time making them. That’s another transferable skill between film and journalism. Being assertive. I could have just gone home at the point in the film process but I decided to go the extra mile to help. In journalism, especially if you’re an intern, you need to do more than what you’re told to do because everyone can do what they’re told to do but not everyone can surpass that and that’s what employers are looking for.

Also, since I got to make the credits I got to add in the special thanks to the guy who showed up for only the first day and slept the whole time and the girl we emailed that basically told to f**** off. Happy passive-aggressive revenge day for me. Overall, I had a good experience and meet some new people. I even learned how to edit a little.

Interested in seeing my film? Since WordPress is a money grumping jerk I can’t actually insert a video but possibly this link will take you to it. Here you go:


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