New Forms of Journalism

We all know by now that traditional newsrooms are dying due to a number of new challenges they face with the online world. Most notable, revenue and funding. While some organizations are finding ways around it while keeping the traditional reporting methods (Check out blog on Native advertisement) some journalist are breaking the mold. These new ways of reporting might just save journalism.


Boutique Journalism

Boutique journalism is like freelance work. An organization would produce fully packaged stories to media outlets depending on the demand. Other times they’re funded by crowdfunding or by charity. With crowdfunding sites such as kickstarter becoming increasingly popular it should be no surprise that journalism is branching out into it. With investigation journalism becoming less of a priority for shrinking newsrooms this could be a perfect opportunity to keep it going.


Foundation-based Journalism

Foundation-based journalism is when a foundation (ex. Humane Society) produces a magazine or newspaper. It’s generally all paid for by the foundation so journalist don’t have to worry about subscriptions or ads to pay the bills. While these magazines general hit a niche market (ex. Local rescues and volunteers) because of the foundations they work for, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be able to branch out to hit larger audiences.


Lean Journalism

Lean journalism is a little weird. Basically, you find a need that isn’t getting filled and fill it yourself. While this is definitely going to run into a funding issues (might have to go back to traditional ads) it’s a good way to start up own paper/magazine. If you find a demand that might be all you need to keep yourself going in this new and quickly changing journalism world.


Watson, H.G. (2016, April 26) Journalism startups carve out niches for themselves in Canada retrieved from

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